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Welcome to the Simply Dry Bamboo Nappies Loyalty Rewards Program!

Unlock the joy of savings and rewards with every purchase!

At Simply Dry, we believe your commitment to a sustainable future should be rewarded. That’s why we’ve designed a Loyalty Rewards Program that not only supports the environment but also enhances your shopping experience. Here’s how you can earn points and turn them into fantastic rewards:

Earn Points:

Shop More, Earn More: Get 1 point for every box you purchase without a coupon and not on sale. (Please note: Single Packs, and boxes purchased at a discounted price are not applicable.)

Super Saver Subscription: Double your rewards with 2 points for every box ordered through our subscription plan (except if you use the $10 off coupon on your first box).

Engage with Us: Follow us on Instagram or share and follow us on Facebook to earn 2 points for each action.

Stay Informed: Subscribe to our newsletter for a quick 5 points.

Share Your Thoughts: Leave a product review and earn 10 points!

Redeem Your Rewards:

Every Point Counts: Each point you collect is worth $1 towards future purchases. You will need a minimum of 24 points to redeem at the checkout, with a minimum spend of $50 required for redemption.

Why Join Our Loyalty Program?

Cost-Effective: More points mean more savings on future purchases.

Exclusive Access: Early notifications about new products and special promotions.

Community Impact: Be part of a community that champions eco-friendly parenting.

Ready to make the smart switch to Simply Dry? Start earning points today and take a step towards a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle. by making every purchase count!

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