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Find the Perfect Fit for Your Little One with Our Size Guide

Find the Perfect Fit

What Size Nappy Does Your Little One Need?​

At Simply Dry, we understand that every baby is wonderfully unique, just like your family. Some are petite, and others are a bit more squishy, but they all deserve the perfect, most comfortable nappy fit. That’s where our Size Guide comes in handy.

We’ve crafted our Size Guide to simplify your nappy selection process. It’s based on average weights and data from the World Health Organization, so you can trust it as a reliable reference. While age is a helpful guide, we recommend primarily following the kilogram weight range as babies grow at their own pace. Our Size Guide matches weight to age, following the 15th – 85th percentile guidelines set by WHO.

How Many Nappies Will My Baby Need Daily?

Babies are as individual as the clouds in the sky, and the frequency of nappy changes can vary based on numerous factors, including feeding patterns. Our Nappy Size Guide not only helps you choose the right size but also provides an estimate of the average number of nappies your baby might use each day based on their weight.

At Simply Dry, we’ve taken the guesswork out of nappy shopping with our Monthly Box of Eco Nappies. These carefully curated boxes contain approximately a month’s supply of nappies in your chosen size. We understand that all babies are unique, so we’ve made our Monthly Box frequency customizable. Whether you prefer monthly deliveries, every two weeks, or any other schedule, we’ve got you covered to ensure you never run out of nappies.


Never Run Out of Nappies Again

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Imagine one less thing to worry about...

With Simply Dry, you can have super soft eco nappies delivered to your door like magic. Not only is the postage free, but we also have a special offer just for you. Use the code “50QUICKat checkout to receive 50% off your first box because you deserve it!

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Finding the Perfect Fit

How Should a Nappy Fit?

Keeping your little one comfortable and avoiding leaks is essential. Babies grow quickly, and their nappy fit can change accordingly. Here are some tips for ensuring the perfect fit:

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The waist should fit snugly without the tabs overlapping, but not so far apart that the sides open too wide.

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If the nappy seems to be sitting too low on your baby's waist, it's a sign that it's time to move up a size.

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The nappy should be secure but comfortable.

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