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To purchase your first box on our Super Saver Subscription for only $25, use the code:


You will be allocated five (5) additional entries into the Family Portrait Giveaway once you purchase a full price box and you are still have an active subscription on 30th June 2024.  IMPORTANT: The box you buy using the above code does not count as an entry in the Family Portrait Giveaway.

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Family Portrait Giveaway Bonus Entries

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When you purchase a box without using a coupon, by signing up to our newsletter you have now been allocated an extra five (5) entries into the draw.

IMPORTANT: The box that you buy with the $25 Off SUBSCRIBE01 coupon DOES NOT give you an entry into the Family Portrait Giveaway. Only boxes purchased on the Super Save Subscription at $50 each will equal two (2) entries for each box on the Super Saver Subscription.

This is only valid for May and June 2024 while the promotion is on, so don’t delay buying your first box of bamboo nappies.

For more information on our Family Portrait Giveaway, click here.

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